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Class of 2020? Tips for Navigating Jobs Through these Uncertain Times

Transitioning from student life to becoming a full-time employee can be overwhelming and mixed with a lot of emotions. That said, if you are a 2020 graduate, the whole process can be even more challenging and stressful. With 225 million jobs being lost across the globe and several job sectors such as travel and hospitality facing a constant decline in profits, many new graduates might be making life-changing decisions looking at these and similar statistics. But don’t worry, you are not the only one in this.

Your lifetime decisions should not be solely dependent on the ongoing pandemic. Consider the job sector you can see yourself working in and do your best to get into that. Take your time and structure your job search. Keep looking at the open positions in your preferred companies and keep applying for the relevant ones. Apart from that, here are some of the tips you must consider while making a move as a new graduate of 2020.

Acknowledge Temporary or Short-Term Jobs
Considering the present uncertainty of many job sectors, finding a permanent job can take a bit longer than usual. Many businesses are introducing temporary and short-term jobs to serve their business needs while reducing the total employee headcount. If you are a new graduate, this is the right time to tip your toe in the water and see how it goes. Temporary jobs will help you gain expertise, widen your skills, as well as help you manage your expenses. You might come across different interim or temporary jobs that might not be relevant per your education and skills, however, might help you learn about the work culture and ethics, allowing you to leverage them later in your future jobs.

Prepare Yourself for Remote Hiring
By now you must be aware of the new work conditions. Where work-from-home became a priority amid lockdown, many companies are ready to extend these policies to cut down on their infrastructure costs. Not only this, but work-from-home also provides employees with an improved work-life balance and an escape from the daily tiring commute.

The majority of businesses have extended their work-from-home policies and have accepted the benefits of remote working. Hiring managers are scheduling online interviews and by looking at the comfort of all, the trend seems to stay for good. Being a new graduate, you must prepare yourself for giving online interviews and getting familiar with work-from-home setups.

Leverage Online Networking Platforms
2020 has shown us all the importance of technology and how online networking platforms can help in getting a new job. With limited physical interactions, recruiters have started making the most of online professional platforms such as LinkedIn. It is easier for them to attract eligible and qualified talent without having to go through the tiring process of physical interviews. They can escape from setting up the physical interview process and meeting hundreds of new faces only to shortlist the ideal one.

As a new graduate, you must give importance to your online professional profile. You must keep it updated with your newly acquired skills, internship status, nature of work you are looking for, and accomplishments, among others. Follow the companies you want to work for and connect to the people associated with those companies. Initiate meaningful conversations and eventually, once comfortable, ask for recommendations and available opportunities with them.

Class of 2020? Tips for Navigating Jobs Through these Uncertain Times

Brace Yourself for Slower-Than-Normal Hiring
You may want to prepare yourself for a slower-than-normal hiring period. With many companies being reluctant to hire new talent at the moment, you might witness a slower pace when it comes to hiring full-time employees. As a new graduate, you must understand that this is a temporary time period and you must indulge yourself in making the most of it by staying optimistic. While patiently looking for the right job, you can enroll yourself in a course or develop certain skills to accelerate your job search in the current competitive market.

Build a Resume for Today’s Hiring
Times have changed and the competition is stiff. With an increase in the number of job seekers and a comparatively lesser number of permanent jobs, you need to ensure your resume stands out from the competition. A well-formatted resume that is ATS-friendly and customized per the targeted job can help you pass the recruiters’ screening tests. There are many affordable yet effective professional services that you can leverage to create an effective resume. Job Nexus is one of the leading resume writing service providers and helps job seekers connect to the targeted recruiters around the globe. The platform helps you build a professional resume and distribute it to application tracking systems at different recruitment agencies based on your career goals. Leveraging such professional resume services can help you get a step closer to a job interview.

The Bottom Line Is
It’s true we are living in unprecedented times and it all can be very overwhelming, but do not let it demotivate you. Take this time to learn more about the companies you want to work for and try to fulfil all the requirements they have. Follow the above-mentioned tips and learn how you can navigate through jobs in 2021 as a 2020 graduate.

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