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Your resume acts as a bridge between you and your potential recruiter. It stands as your first impression and can be a door opener to your new job. However, writing a powerful resume can be challenging and that’s when a professional resume writer comes to the rescue.

As per James Reed, chairman, and chief executive of recruitment company ‘REED’, a recruiter takes around 7 seconds to save or reject a job applicant’s resume. And, typically, what they look for the most are the relevant keywords per the job/position. Now, you know how important it is to make a win in that 7 seconds’ window.

When you leverage a professional resume writing service, you get a chance to build a personalized resume that complements your career goals and is pertinent to the recruiter. Not only, it suitably highlights your strengths and professional background but also helps you pass the recruiters’ screening test.

Let’s talk about some benefits you can avail of by investing smartly in a professional resume writing service.

Highlight Your Strengths and Accomplishments

When it comes down to highlighting skills and strengths, more often than not, you want to avoid the awkward bragging situation. However, an expert resume writer can add those accomplishments and strengths without overstating your achievements and yet keeping it relevant to the recruiters. Additionally, minute details matter and resume writers know it well; they can help you realize there’s more to highlight from your past experience than what you could sum up on your own.

Get an ATS-Compliant Resume

A lot of companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) as a part of their initial resume screening process. It includes scanning the resume and categorizing the content per specific keywords to determine whether the job application is a good fit or not. Professional resume writing services provide you with an ATS-friendly resume that includes all the relevant keywords throughout; helping you pass the screening process and securing more job interviews for you.

Stay Up-to-Date

Professional resume writers are up-to-date on the current hiring trends, resume best practices, and recruiters’ needs. Times change and it can be difficult for you to catch up on every update; on the other hand, resume writers have the inside track and are aware of all the recruiters’ preferences and pet peeves.

Let’s Be Concise and Relevant

Being concise while presenting your professional journey can seem like a tall order to fill. However, recruiters, by and large, tend to eliminate the lengthy resume from the screening process due to their broad scope and generalized nature. A professional resume writer can draft a resume for you that is of optimized length, generally two pages. This way you precisely state the specific qualifications that fit as per the advertised job.

Get a Satisfactory End Product

A well-curated resume is precise, free from grammar-errors, suitably highlights your accomplishments, includes relevant keywords, and is well-formatted. Yes, you can write your resume, however, if you are facing difficulty in getting enough job interviews that match your career goals, it’s time to invest in a resume writing service. A professionally written resume holds the power to stand out and augment your job search.

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