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Cracking interviews and getting a job is no longer easy. And day by day the competition is increasing. For 5 spots, you will see hundreds of applicants. And that’s why getting a job has become more challenging.

In case you are a fresher, you need to overcome more problems compared to the experienced candidates. There are several problems faced by freshers and goes through while they apply for an interview. A lot of things and fears runs through their mind.

So, this article will explain the top 8 problems faced by freshers in an interview:

1. Lack of presentation skills

If you are a fresher, and you have joined a profession. There, all professionals will expect to show you some presentation skills. Some people are not comfortable speaking in public.  And you may find a few who do not have the proper knowledge to execute it.

As a result, several fresher’s job searches suffer. So, a fresher, even being shy, can learn how to present themselves from their peers. It may help them to overcome their fear or insecurities.

2. Lack of readiness

Most of the recruiters or interviewers look for hiring experienced candidates. There is very little chance for the freshers out there. A candidate with little or no knowledge of writing resumes may suffer. But they can opt for resume distribution services for guidance.

Most of the freshers do not have the drive for innovation and are not that efficient. The freshers lack knowledge about accepting protocols and procedures. And often, they lack agility. And to fix all this unreadiness, the companies need to train them. But, when they hire pro candidates, it saves the training cost.

3. Thoughts about leaving the job in a few days or months

You may be working in a large global corporation or an independent local agency. But the problem of attrition will always be there. The fact is that there has been growth in various digital platforms and channels. And as a result, the freshers have better access to countless opportunities.

They are more excited about fast-track promotion and better salaries. It is because they already know that there is no rest from the deliveries and timelines pressure. Be wherever they are. The freshers know very well that they can hop around firms to meet whatever they need.

Everything will become a lot easier if the companies can overcome such challenges. They need to make sure that a fresher deals with the right challenges and movement. They can provide access to mentors for the freshers.

It will help the new candidates to understand their duty and roles better. And all these together can solve the problem up to a great extent.

4. Working with people or colleagues

Every organization requires coordination among its people. Thus, working with colleagues or people is very important in such environments. And this can be challenging as well.

So, a fresher needs to learn to maintain a stable and healthy relationship in the workplace. It lightens the environment and helps the freshers to establish a connection.

5. Facing the truth

Among all the challenges, the biggest one is to accept reality. And the fact is that talent and knowledge are not the only crucial things. There are a lot more. Each day a fresher may find someone in a better position than him. What hurts is that they are less talented than the fresher. And a lot of new candidates struggle a lot to understand this fact.

But there is nothing to do about it. And this is how everything works. Only when you combine smart work with correct persistence and tactics it will help you. Thus, have a fresh approach while commencing.

6. Uninformative description of the job

A candidate always relies on the description of a job. And only if they find it suitable, they process further and apply. But at times, they run out of guidance. Satiating a description of a job with very few imaginative details is useless. And it cannot provide a perfect idea. And this is where a fresher faces problems in resume writing.

Most of the job descriptions provided are short. And they do not tell the applicants about the skills needed. The candidates often do not get to know about what the actual task is. They do not get the right idea about the job benefits and even the correct salaries. In such situations, the freshers do a blind-hunt.

7. The lack of feedback

An applicant goes through a lot. They try to write a good resume and then send an application. Many freshers face problems with interviews. But still, they try to make themselves better. And after lots of practice, they finally complete their interviews successfully. Thus, they waste several days or months to get through all these. But they only hope to get the job.

After once they complete all these, they get a mail. And over there, they say one phrase, “You are not selected.” It feels like a tight slap straight on the face. And the worst part is, they do not get the feedback.

As a result, they do not understand where things went wrong. And they do not even get the chance to rectify their errors before applying for any other job. So, looking for a position and not receiving feedback is a serious challenge.

8. Lot of places to look for

There is another significant problem that the freshers face. There are too many places to look for open positions. They can make use of online websites for their purpose. Employer websites, job boards, and LinkedIn are the most popular sites.

Otherwise, the candidates can go to industry events or networks. Or they may look through trade magazines and newspapers as well. There are a lot more.

But the problem is that there exists so much option that confuses the applicants. They do not know where to put their best efforts to get the best outcomes. And for this reason, the freshers waste several months selecting a position.


Whatever happens, you need to struggle. As you are a fresher, you must have a proper plan. Look for the jobs which you find interesting or exciting. And for reaching out to more recruiters, you can opt for easy resume distribution services. However, do no go for a job because of a higher salary. Remember, at the end of the day, job satisfaction is most important.

Besides, the recruiters must also make the application processes more efficient and understand the freshers. Moreover, all these challenges make a lot of candidates unstable. And they do not even get the opportunity to exercise their full potential. So, to make the entire recruiting process easier, both freshers and recruiters need to maintain transparency from the beginning.

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