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Getting a desired job is not at all an easy task. Many candidates are applying for a position it’s obvious to be difficult. While you might feel that you were amazing in your interview, still you might not be selected.

Have you ever faced the same?

Fine, It’s completely OK.

The more you face the interview, the more experience you get. Even if you aren’t assigned that job you become a better candidate for the next job you apply for. The key to getting a good-paying job that fascinates you is to keep trying for new jobs with the right strategies every time.

Well, there are many possible reasons why you aren’t able to get a job even after applying for several vacancies.  Reflecting on what are your mistakes and the possible reasons for getting rejected helps you to prepare in a better way and present yourself in an even better way the next time you get a chance for an interview.

So, here we have brought you the reasons for not getting hired. So quickly gather your concentration and ponder upon these reasons to get acquainted with them.

1. Your Resume is not up to the Mark

Your resume must be up to the mark. It can determine whether a potential employer will consider you for an interview.

The most important thing you should remember while resume writing is that your resume is your reflection so never copy it from the internet or some of your friends. Right everything true about yourself. Interviewers often ask you questions related to your resume and if you aren’t able to answer them they catch you.

Do you know about ATS? Well, that’s the best friend of a hiring manager and your enemy. ATS is software that is used to filter the qualified resumes from nonqualified resumes based on given criteria such as years of experience, skills, qualifications, etc.

So, this ATS system might also filter out resumes of candidates who might have been best for the position. So, Make your resume in a way that beats ATS.

2. You are lacking in Interviewing skills

Interviewing skills include your self-presentation in front of interviewers. The way you communicate decides your possibility of getting selected. Well,  you might already have read many articles on how to behave in your interview. But there is a possibility that you might have missed these points.

  • Don’t be out of the conversation, if you don’t know the answer politely say no. Don’t confuse yourself and the interviewer.
  • Speak neutrally about your last jobs if asked.
  • Be friendly with your interviewer, if you are not confident enough to express yourself properly in your interview, do it in the cover letter that you submit along with the resume. Write a small paragraph and highlight why you want the job and the company.
  • Ask relevant questions to your interviewer, if the interviewer asks you if you have any questions and you say that you don’t have any questions, you are reducing your chances of getting hired.

3. You are Participating Passively in the Job Search Process

If you are the one who barely applies for a job, then you are missing out on a lot. You may have applied for a few jobs and this is the reason you are still unemployed. Now, that doesn’t mean applying for any job blindly. Do proper research and find your relevant jobs and apply them.

Resume distribution is a way to boost your job search. Let your resume reach out to the recruiters of your target companies and different job boards by posting your resume on the appropriate resume distribution platform. You can also search for jobs on platforms such as LinkedIn. If you are doing that, then make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to the mark. Because that is going to be your first impression in front of the recruiter.

4. You are Applying for Jobs that aren’t Right Fit for you

It is possible that you may overqualified or underqualified for the position you have applied for so far. Interviewers are looking for the candidate that fits exactly the role they are looking for. Recruiters won’t take a chance if you are under-qualified for the position or don’t have the experience they require for a position.

You are Applying for Jobs that aren't Right Fit for you

Sometimes you are too extroverted or too introverted for the role and so the recruiter may not hire you. You can ask your friends or parents or teacher for their opinion before applying for the job. Apply for the job that exactly matches your qualification, experience, and skills

5. You didn’t research about the company

This is the very basic point that might have affected your job-finding process. The recruiter sees the efforts you have put in to know about that company. They ask questions related to the company which you can only answer if you have a thorough knowledge of the organization.

Sometimes you might have the right skill set, experience as required, and also appropriate qualifications for the role. Your interview may have gone well too but the recruiter may not hire you for the role if you are not able to answer the questions related to the organization.

6. You are not highlighting your talent

Seeking the job is the most crucial time for showcasing your talents and your strengths. Chances are that you are don’t have confidence in your talent and the skills you possess. If you do not demonstrate your skills in an interview, the recruiter may ignore you for the position

Acknowledge your talents and strengths and relatively demonstrate them in front of the interviewer.

Be true to your resume. What you have written in your resume should match with your behavior in front if interviewed.


The path to make your way out of thousands of candidates applying for the same spot is your experience of giving an interview. No matter how much you practice for your interview, your actual practice lies in facing the interviewers again and again. So, this time before applying for the job work on the above given 6 points and you will surely get your dream job. Good luck!

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