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At several times, you need to make some important life-changing decisions. One of them is to make a career change. Earlier it was easy to change a career. But currently, everything has changed, and nothing is easy.

need to go through some formalities and difficulties for accomplishing your goals. Right from looking for opportunities and joining them, you need to do everything.

steps to tackle the career change 2021


This article will guide you on how to tackle your career change in 2021.

1. Make sure that you need a career change:

Before thinking about changing your career, you must make sure that you need this change. All you may need is a job switch.

However, it is not that easy. But it is still easier than to change the entire career.

2. Test yourself:

When you decide to change your career, you need to do some serious works on yourself. You will have to test a lot of things about yourself. Right from your values, personality, interests to skills, check everything. You may use the self-assessment software or tools for this purpose.

These tools are about career tests. These tools help you to generate an occupations list from the answers you have given. Some people opt for a career counselor. Some opt for other career guides or professionals. Also, many of them use the online career tests that are available for free.

3. Create an occupation list for exploring:

Go through the occupations list that you have now while changing a career. The list that these tools generate is lengthy. Thus, you need to shorten it by considering only 5-10 jobs.

Some occupations appear on many lists. Highlight or circle them. You can even consider the occupations that you have liked before. And even the ones you find interesting. You can name the occupations you choose as “Occupations for exploring.”

4. Explore the chosen:

You need to look at numerous factors for each of the occupations that you have considered. Check the requirements like educational requirements, job description, and job outlook. Also, do not forget to look out for earnings and advancement opportunities. You will find all the information on their websites or job listings.

Some websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are good for your purpose. All these sites provide total information from several sources. This can be time-saving as you do not need to look at listings individually. However, before applying for any job, keep your resume ready. So, strengthen your resume writing skills initially to write impressive resumes.

5. Narrow down your list:

For instance, you may don’t like to waste your energy and time on a profession that requires higher degrees. Or you find the earnings to be incorrect for an occupation.

Till now, you have researched a lot. And as a result, it is time for you to trim down your occupations on the research that you underwent. You can opt for resume distribution services for better guidance.

6. It is the time for informational interviews:

Now, you have few jobs left to choose from the list. So, at this point, you need to collect better information. To be specific, you need to dig deep and collect information. To have this information, you can contact people who already know the profession.

Along with them, you will need to organize informational interviews. For this, LinkedIn can be a good source if you do not know anyone at the personal level. You can look for people for your purpose and get in touch with them to clear your doubts.

7. Set the goals:

Once you are sure about which to choose as your occupation, you will have to set some goals. You need to do so before putting up a stable plan in the correct place for finding an occupation in that particular field.

Understand that there will be problems that can cause distractions. You need to divide your goals and set them into two categories- short-term and long-term goals. You can do the short-term goals within a year. And for the accomplishment of long-term goals, you can take about 5 years.

For example, you may want to get an associate degree from a college. And it will take a year or less. Thus, it is a goal of short-term. But whereas, if you want to get a certification which needs two years course, it is a goal of long-term. It is vital to ensure that your goals are actionable and can determine your progress.

8. Write down a career action plan:

By now, you are ready with your goals. And now, you will have to make decisions for reaching them. For pursuing your goals, whether it is a short-term or long-term goal, you need to opt for a career action plan.

The first step is to list out all of your goals in the correct order. Then you need to note down the concrete steps for achieving those goals. Get clear with all the barriers. And write down how they all may prevent you from fulfilling your objectives.

All the information will help you to focus on your needful actions. And you will be attaining your primary goals. Opt for resume distribution services so that your resume gets to the correct places.

9. Get the needful training:

You need to go through some training when you switch to a new career. If you have some transferable skills, you can put them to use. This can smoothen your way towards your newly chosen career.

Before commencing with the training, look for the skills that you already possess. Then, look for the ones that you must gather. For brewing new skills, you may opt for certification or a degree. You can also do online courses or an internship. Learn about resume writing as well from the experts.

10. Do not lose your calm:

Already if you were suffering a job loss, then there is nothing to worry about. But in case you are working at the moment, you will need to quit. And that is not at all. You may have to take care of certain issues as well, both minor and major, for leaving it.

You may even need to deal with uneasiness regarding the upcoming time. But whatever you do, do not feel guilty, and do not lose your calm.


Career changing is not an easy task. You have an emotional attachment to your present job. And this is what makes it more difficult. But you need to think of your personal growth as well. And thus, you need to opt for a career change if you are not satisfied with your present career. Understand your needs and satisfaction levels, and act with correct steps.

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