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How to Find a Job in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to working. Over the past few years, many people have decided to take a chance and start a career in Dubai while they can and while the market is favorable.

There are so many benefits to working in Dubai, which we will cover in this article. If the idea of working in Dubai has come to your mind at some point, you may be wondering if it is a possibility for you and how to find job opportunities in Dubai. If this sounds like you, then sit back, relax, and this article will help you out.

Why Work in Dubai?

So what is it that draws so many people to work in Dubai? We will try to cover as many advantages of working here as possible.

International Workforce

As Dubai has grown so much, especially in tourism, the city has established itself as being very internationally friendly. The majority of Dubai’s population is actually made up of ex-pats from every corner of the world, which has resulted in a very diverse workforce. This offers newcomers the chance to have a very international and valuable working experience that perhaps they wouldn’t get working in their home country.

With so many foreign companies expanding in Dubai, there is more exposure to big projects, meaning you may have the chance to work on something you would never have had before. The opportunity to work with such a diverse workforce provides people with transferable skills, which in turn help improve their careers.

Tax-free Income

One of the significant advantages and major attractions for people looking to work in Dubai is the tax-free income. In Dubai, the government refrains from imposing a tax on personal income. This means that everything you earn is yours to spend, and you will never owe a penny to the government. This results in a higher disposable income per capita, which in turn makes Dubai a very attractive place to work.

Many people will, therefore, be able to enjoy a lifestyle that is more comfortable and be able to afford things they might not have back home.

Many Work Opportunities

As Dubai is a growing economy that is advancing rapidly, it requires efficient processes in all industry sectors as they aren’t up to the same rate as other major cities, like New York and London for example. Therefore, they are relying on foreign experts to come in, provide their expertise and build up the various industries to their full potential. This means there is an excellent window of many opportunities right now waiting to be filled, and one of them could be suited to you.

English Speakers

When you desperately want to work overseas, sometimes it can be a challenge if you don’t know the language, and learning it will take a good amount of time. In Dubai however, English is spoken everywhere and understood by the majority working and living there. Businesses are conducted mostly in English which makes it a lot easier for a native English speaker integrating into a new career.

Tips for Finding Job Opportunities in Dubai

Now that we know the benefits of working in Dubai let’s take a look at how exactly you can get there.

Get the Correct Visa

When it comes to working in Dubai, a work visa is required. If a Dubai company employs you, then a visa is a lot easier to obtain.

Know the Job Market

Knowing what companies are out there before you dive in can be a big help. Identifying which companies are growing and are offering the best salaries is also essential because you want to make the best choice possible before you move. Many sectors such as legal, finance, marketing, procurement, IT, tourism, and telecom offer favorable jobs in Dubai, and knowing how to find these is key.

Many of the sectors mentioned perform well, and salaries are expected to continue rising.

Know Where to Look

Whenever you are looking to work in a particular country, it is important to do your research. You are not likely to be the only one looking, so reach out to forums and see where others have found work and how they got there. In order to fast-forward your hiring process and get a job faster, you may consult a resume writing service provider.

Luckily for you, there are job sites that exist solely to find work in Dubai. If you use the internet to find local job search portals within Dubai, you will find them. A good few examples to start you off include the following:

  • Dubai Task
  • com
  • Khaleej Times Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Laimoon
  • Gulftalent


Another thing to consider is networking. If you know of someone who has gone to Dubai, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice. Companies are usually more likely to hire someone who knows someone inside the company. A good way to do this is to attend networking events, perhaps under the theme of working in Dubai, or even approach people on LinkedIn and see where it leads you.

Consider Recruiting Agencies

Perhaps finding a job by yourself in the UAE is proving more difficult than you expected?  Why not consider trying through a specialist recruiter? Many businesses in Dubai are said to hire through recruitment agencies as they provide the best professional resume distribution services. This means going through an agency might be the best option as they will be experts in finding the most suited positions to your profile, potentially saving you time and getting you into a job sooner.

Some of the most popular agencies include:

  • MCG & Associates (PR, Publishing and Marketing jobs)
  • Jivaro Partners (Marketing and Communications, Engineering jobs)
  • Robert Murray (Development, Construction)
  • BAC Middle East (Engineering, Marketing, and Management jobs)

We hope this article has given you an idea of why Dubai jobs are so lucrative. We’ve provided some tips on how to find job opportunities in Dubai, and inspiration on where to look. The next step is yours!

If you’d like to contact the recruiting agencies in the UAE above and up to 70 more, try Job Nexus.

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