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Chief Information Officer

In this article, we will be discussing the theme of jobs of the future and exploring a popular role that you might already know about. If you are keen to understand the role of a chief information officer and discover what all the job’s duties include, you have come to the right place.

We will briefly take a look at what differences we can expect to see in jobs of the future, as well as delve into what the role of a chief information officer involves. Who knows, it might be the perfect role for you.

Jobs of the Future – What to Expect

As we move into the future, job roles are undoubtedly changing. We have already seen many changes in companies, with fewer human resources, and more automation. This is thanks to the increase in technology, and automated services.

A good example is the company Blockbuster who went into administration thanks to the rise in streamlined services, such as Netflix, and the ability to watch films online without having to physically purchase them.

Moving into the future, many roles we see and know today will change again and even become obsolete altogether, with new functions taking their place.

Increase in Remote Working

Already today we are starting to see a drastic increase in the number of people working remotely. This is thanks to the opportunities the internet now offers many people, with almost anyone having the possibility of becoming an internet entrepreneur if they want.

Not only are individuals working freelance more than ever, but companies are also starting to change the way they work, introducing more remote options for employees than ever before.

As we move into the future, this trend and way of working may increase further, which will decrease the more traditional 9-5 office layout and increase higher independence and control over individual working hours.

It is essential to keep up to date with the new world we live in and make sure to keep an eye on skill sets that new employers will be looking out for.

Skillsets for the Future

What skills will employers be looking for as we move into the future? There are indeed a few skills which will be in demand and that you can have to keep your CV looking good.

Critical Thinking

As automation increases, the desire for people with advanced logic and reasoning skills will increase. This is because machines have to be directed and therefore employers will need employees. They can rely on when things go wrong, and who can evaluate the technology to make sure it can benefit the company.


As job roles change and are no longer as statutory as in the past. This means you will need to be prepared to handle a lot of different situations. Being able to adapt to any situation will definitely make you a good candidate.

Emotional Intelligence

Although automation and robots are seen as playing a crucial part in future careers. Unfortunately, they cannot read people the way humans do. Therefore, employers will want to hire individuals who are aware of other’s reactions, as well as their impact on others.

Chief Information Officer

So what exactly is the role of a chief information officer? The chief information officer (CIO) is known as being a corporate executive that oversees information technology strategy and implementation. This means they are in charge of managing hardware, software, and data. That helps other members of the C-suite perform their jobs in the most effective way possible.

What does the day-to-day role of a CIO look like? A CIO must research new and upcoming technologies, and strategize how this can provide the business with value. They must also address any potential risks with digital information. This helps them to keep on top of any problems and make sure the company is always without issues.

Their main aim is to discover how IT can generate business value, and keep on top of the current trends in technology, innovations, through both physical and virtual channels.

In most companies, CIO’s will report directly to the CEO (chief executive officer). In some companies, the CIO also sits on the executive board themselves.

Why Will Chief Information Officer Jobs Be Popular in the Future?

As companies become more and more reliant on IT and technology. CIO’s will be crucial to any company. More Crucial for those who have a mix of both business skills, as well as technical skills, are likely to be highly sought after.

The CIO should be forward-thinking and aim to future-proof the business in all aspects when it comes to technology. This means keeping up with the competition and making sure the company doesn’t fall behind.

With so many digital transformation projects being introduced into firms almost every day, CIO’s are required to oversee strategy and effectively put things into action.

The most effective CIOs will be able to engineer business processes while also successfully leading a team. This is also a leadership role that focuses on the vision of the company.

Do CIO’s Earn Well?

It is no surprise to hear that CIOs earn a pretty significant paycheck. Thanks to the wealth of responsibilities they have. They are literally in control of a business’s data and often if something should go wrong. They can even take the rap, even when the situation is out of their control.

Salaries are said to range from a starting salary of $50,000 to an eventual $307,785.


To obtain a chief information officer opportunity in the near future, you should work on your leadership skills as well as your technical ones, so that you can prove to be an asset to any organization. You should also hire a professional recruiting agency that helps job seekers meet their potential recruiters.

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