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We’ve been dreaming of coming to Ireland for a long time.

Job Nexus is smiling as we launch our smart cv distribution services in Ireland. We’ve been building up to launching in Ireland for nearly a year and have had a wonderful time visiting as we forge relationships with recruiters.

We’re starting with options to run job search in Dublin or throughout the Republic of Ireland. Our industry selection is fairly concentrated but has strong recruiter offerings in accounting, finance, healthcare, tourism and information technology. We hope to expand our offerings in the future.

The cost of all our services in Ireland are priced at 45€ Euros and as with all of our job search services you can open an account and see the details of our service for free. If you need help if your CV / resume before starting you can checkout our free CV templates available in word or google drive format.

We hope you’ll gain find great value in our Ireland Job Nexus service and we want to thank the many people and staff who have genuinely helped and guided us to bring the service to life.


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