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Bro can u tell me how did u solve that microphone problem ? I have same problem with my acer nitro 5. I had same problem due to Windows Privacy settings I made when setting up the machine for my wife to use. Right-click the Speaker icon and choose Recording devices. You can then check your microphone working after it has completely run its course. An out-of-date or corrupted microphone driver will cause the microphone to malfunction.

Select Audio Settings from the list of options in the menu. Next, click on the carat icon near near the top-right corner of the Mute button to view the various audio options in Zoom call. Now, select the desired microphone from the ones listed here. In case you somehow miss that part, you can always enable the audio at any later point. Just click on the Join audio button at the bottom left corner, and then click the Join with Computer Audio option when the prompt pops up.

How to fix my microphone?

This is a well-known bug in those Windows 10 builds that don’t have the Fall Creator’s Update. If you own a laptop, you might see a window like this. Restarting your computer may help to clear any problems that are stopping your microphone from working with Zoom. It may also shut down any processes that are hogging your audio devices and not playing nicely with Zoom.

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  • In case the audio is still connected to an external Bluetooth device, your internal microphone will not be able to play the audio.
  • Scrolling down will take you to the ‘Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone’.

All I have to do is double-click on the icon and select which device I want to plugin. If you are unsure then enable the mic access to all the apps. This method should fix the microphone not working issue on your computer. Nowadays users have a lot of meetings, online classes, etc to attend online. But sometimes you may face problems when the Microphone is not working on Windows 10 or Windows 11. Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar and click “Sounds”.

Update Audio Driver

Then select the desired restore point and click Next. Under the “Allow access to microphone on this device” section, click the Change button. Whatever the reason it might be, if you’re having trouble using the microphone, you can use the settings available on Windows 10 and Microsoft Teams to fix the issue. Common audio problem during Zoom calls include background noise and echoes during a call. For echoes during a call, limit the audio input by making sure you haven’t placed or joined your Zoom call from more than one device at a time, such as your phone and computer. If you do have two devices active, leave the call on one of them.

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